EPISODE #29 // Creativity as a gateway to joy and appreciation.

Episode #29 // Creativity as a gateway to joy and appreciation.

What role does creativity play in your life? Is it something you embrace and incorporate into your life or do you see it as something other people are blessed with but not you?

Today’s episode is all about the power of creativity and the way it brings more joy, introspection, and empowerment in our lives. We touch on the role creativity has played in our lives from the very beginning and then move onto the role creativity is currently playing in our lives and our evolution.

What about you?

What role does creative expression play in your life? How has it opened you up to new ideas and/or helped you to embrace the magic that exists all around us?


The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • How creativity took shape in our lives as children
  • Creativity as a way to find joy and appreciate the world around us
  • Creative expression is about more than just art
  • Anyone can be a creator
  • Capitalizing on the creativity when it shows up
  • Fear and creativity — pushing outside your comfort zone
  • The meditative quality of art
  • Creating who we are and what we’re known for
  • Where else creativity shows up in our lives
  • Fostering creativity in children
  • The doodle game and letting your creativity loose
  • Embracing the journey and allowing creativity to take you where you need to go

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