EPISODE #18 // How to honor the divine feminine that lives inside (with Shannon Ledford)

EPISODE #18 // How to honor the divine feminine that lives inside (with Shannon Ledford)

The topic of divine feminine energy has been showing up in our lives time and time again, whether it’s in the form of intuition, creativity, or operating from a place of flow. It’s the impetus behind Emily’s deep dive into yoga. And it’s the place that Betsy lives her life from on a daily basis.

So when we came across Shannon Ledford, host and creatrix of the Honor The Feminine Podcast, we knew we needed to sit down with her and explore this topic more.

Our conversation with Shannon is filled with insights about the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies we all possess, what happens when those energies get out of balance (i.e.—doing versus being, pushing versus trusting, rational thinking versus intuition and creativity), as well as simple things we can all do to embrace more feminine energy in our lives.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Shannon and her perspective around divine feminine (and masculine) energies.

Wanting to take a deep dive on all things feminine? Head on over to honorthefeminine.com and the Honor The Feminine Daily Facebook Group.

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • Why we chose to explore this topic of divine feminine energy
  • Shannon’s journey and why this topic is so important to her
  • The power of sisterhood
  • The small shifts that have had a big impact
  • Defining what masculine and feminine energy
  • The societal impact of feminine and masculine energy on children
  • What happens when your energy is out of balance
  • The implications of being busy
  • Transcendental meditation and Goddess Cards
  • Negativity and feeling depleted
  • Being able to discern what you really need
  • How motherhood opened up Shannon to feminine energy
  • Exploring the feminine in your own life
  • The invitation to follow your curiosity and explore
  • How to embrace more feminine energy regardless of how you identify
  • What nourishment means to Shannon

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I realized I had an old story around women being catty, and mean, not supporting each other. Click To Tweet I am in deep sisterhood with women and it feels really supportive and nourishing. Click To Tweet We often look for masculine and feminine externally, but we all have both energies within us. Click To Tweet There’s so much power when we find where the feminine and masculine meet within us. Click To Tweet I quit using the word “busy.” I quit wearing it as a merit badge. Click To Tweet Pause and assess whether what you’re facing is a “hell yes” for you. Click To Tweet There's magic all around us and we get more attuned to it as we walk through the world. Click To Tweet When I give up my daily movement, there’s a real chance that I’m out of balance. Click To Tweet If something strikes your heart chords or curiosity, lean in that direction. Click To Tweet Each of us is a diamond with different facets of ourselves. Click To Tweet If it makes you feel good, why not. Click To Tweet As adults, we don't have to be serious all the time. It's okay to play and have fun. Click To Tweet


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