EPISODE #10 // Want to know what we secretly love?

Because you can't do everything perfect all the time, here are our guilty pleasures. | Nourish + Flourish

Today, we’re talking about guilty pleasures.

You know, the things that we indulge in that may or may not raise an eyebrow from our friends and family. Or, worse still, be deemed UNhealthy.

Why are we talking about this? Because we believe there needs to be some built-in wiggle room for indulgences to reward ourselves in order to remain sane in a life that is centered around health and wellness. Whether it’s a guilty pleasure in the form of a television show, a snack, or merely an act of creativity, they are sources of comfort that we all can turn to when we need to relax.

And while they may not be healthy when consumed in large quantities (ahem french fries, chocolate, and wine slushies), they are the stuff balanced lives are made of when enjoyed in moderation. (Unless we’re talking about music, movies, television, and books. In which case, binge to your heart’s content.)

We’d love to know!

How do you allow yourself to have some wiggle room on your journey to health and wellness?

AND. What are your guilty pleasures — from televisions shows and movies to food and clothing? We want to know them all!

The Episode: 


Betsy Brockett donning 3 of her guilty pleasures: socks, birkenstocks, and fanny pack

What we talked about and where to find it:

Television and Movies






Food + Drink





  • Wearing the same thing every day
  • Flip flops
  • Shoes in general
  • Platforms
  • Platform flip flops (Rocket Dog)


  • Birkenstocks + socks
  • Leg warmers
  • Fanny packs
  • Barefoot
  • Online shopping



  • Unicorns
  • Sending love notes – #InCoWriMo
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Chick-lit


  • Stickers
  • Shower or Bath, shaving, and fresh sheets
  • New pen + fresh sheet of paper

Unicorn tape dispenser with rainbow tape


The simplicity of 80s movies is something I’ve been drawn to for a long time. Click To Tweet

We have kitchen dance parties in our house that are the stuff dreams are made of. Click To Tweet 

I’m going to out myself – Justin Bieber is my guiltiest music pleasure. Click To Tweet 

I am a notorious lover of pop music from any era. Click To Tweet 

I have a list a million long of guilty pleasure foods. Click To Tweet 

I have a much bigger sweet tooth than a taste for anything salty. Click To Tweet 

French fries are my soul food and I cry every time I have to give them up. Click To Tweet

Once I get into chocolate, I can’t stop. Click To Tweet 

Guilty pleasures, beverage-wise? Anything I could pile whipped cream on. Click To Tweet 

There’s something about a wine slushy that sounds so appealing to me. Click To Tweet 

I love a good fanny pack, because I like to be hands-free. Click To Tweet

Shoes, in general, would probably be my guilty pleasure. Click To Tweet

My current obsession and guilty pleasure is unicorns. Click To Tweet There’s something about a new pen and a fresh sheet of paper that’s just really satisfying. Click To Tweet

A lot of guilty pleasures get us in touch with the happy, fantastical sides of life, which is especially important now. Click To Tweet 

I like to think of them more as indulgences than guilt. Click To Tweet

If it’s all about perfection, there’s no fun in it. It’s important to be playful and to give yourself a treat. Click To Tweet 

Indulgences allow you to tap into a more playful side of yourself. Click To Tweet 


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