EPISODE #12 // How podcasting has helped us be better people.

EPISODE #12 // How podcasting has made us better people | nourishandflourish.us

Podcasting has been an amazing tool for self-discovery and growth. It’s also been a surprising source of accountability and reflection. We’ve deepened our friendship — taking it from a surface level knowing of each other to a deep and nurturing relationship. And we’ve created a safe space to explore the topics that we’re interested in.

But most surprisingly, podcasting has also been a huge catalyst for creating change in our lives.

It’s created a mirror for us to witness how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. It has shined a light on areas of our lives that need a bit more work. And it has given us the ability to take pause and really embrace the journey.

In today’s episode, we talk about what that journey has been like for us, how public accountability has motivated us to take sustained action, and the things we’ve changed up in our lives as a result.

What about you?

Has this podcast been a catalyst for change in your life?

What aspects of your life have you felt compelled to take a closer look at?

The Episode: 


Topics Discussed:

  • The power of accountability
  • Realizing we’re in the driver’s seat of our lives
  • An update on our daily routines
  • The power of a daily yoga practice
  • Meditation
  • Goal setting
  • The doors podcasting has opened
  • How positive relationships can inspire change
  • Putting ideas and experiences into words
  • Extending generosity and kindness inward
  • The power of being in it and hearing it
  • Open minded curiosity
  • Integration and exploration of the whole self

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Just getting thoughts out of my head has created an environment for me to grow. Click To Tweet After the words come out it’s like, 'Oh, crap. I’m in the driver’s seat. I get to choose.' Click To Tweet I have stopped making to-do lists. I realized I was wasting so much time. Click To Tweet After wk 2 of yoga, I was hooked. I felt better, I was grounded. I was a better version of myself. Click To Tweet There’s something very comforting and enjoyable for me to anchor my days in yoga and meditation. Click To Tweet These tiny little switches and tweaks to your life can make a big impact on your overall health. Click To Tweet I have kind of adopted the name of our podcast as a personal mantra. Click To Tweet Taking our connection to this now intimate one has reminded me how powerful real connections are. Click To Tweet You’re helping me come out of that internal world, and put words to things that I am experiencing. Click To Tweet There are so many layers to podcasting that the lessons sink in so much more. Click To Tweet It's about being open-minded, curious, and having the willingness to change and evolve. Click To Tweet It can be comfortable to be stuck, especially when you’re not being confronted with it. Click To Tweet This podcast is so powerful for me because I can be complete myself. Click To Tweet


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