EPISODE #11 // Reclaim your health one vegetable at a time

Heather Crosby of Yum Universe | Photo Credit: Marta Sasinowska

Heather Crosby, the creative mind behind Yum Universe, came to a major crossroads in her twenties.

She was diagnosed with a chronic health condition that would require medication for the rest of her life. She could follow her doctor’s orders and take a medication that had a 4-8% chance of fixing the problem, or she could listen to a voice deep inside that was screaming at her to make a change.

Heather decided to listen to that voice deep within and take her health into her own hands.

She began to change what she was putting into her body and focused on getting more vegetables into her diet. Slowly but surely, she began to feel better and, after consulting with doctors again, saw that the changes she was making had a direct impact on her health. She learned how to tune in and decipher the clues that her body was giving her.

Somewhere along the way, she decided to share what she was learning and started a blog. Her mission was simple: to prove that healthy, plant-powered eating could be delicious and comforting.


Tune in to today’s episode where we dive deep into Heather’s transformative health journey, the impetus for starting Yum Universe, what she’s cooking up next, and how she continues to take care of herself now that she’s got her diet under control.


The Episode: 


Topics Discussed:

  • Heather’s health journey
  • How Yum Universe got started
  • The evolution of Heather’s diet
  • The power of baby steps when making changes
  • The connection between health and stress
  • Trusting intuition when it comes to finding key to own health
  • Power of community when it comes to making major dietary changes
  • Focusing on the HOW
  • Having fun with your food
  • Gluten sensitivities and how they show up
  • Locking in on circadian rhythms to improve health
  • Systems and tools for staying balanced and maintaining health
  • Sleep rituals
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • The launch of Heather’s Gluten Free Baking Academy and Cookbook #2
  • What nourishment means to Heather

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Having to take meds for the rest of my life just wasn’t an acceptable response to me. Click To Tweet I started with baby steps, like getting more greens into my diet because I had never eaten them. Click To Tweet I still wanted to eat the decadent food that I was raised on, but without compromising my health. Click To Tweet I had to retrain my taste buds because they just weren’t having vegetables. Click To Tweet The biggest hurdle now is not necessarily food, but stress. Click To Tweet My instincts were screaming that there was a way to sort this out, without medication. Click To Tweet I have a really solid sleep ritual, I’ve made it really fun. Click To Tweet Wellness is a collection of smart choices and building good habits that help you thrive. Click To Tweet


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Photo Credit: Marta Sasinowska for The Frederick News-Post

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