EPISODE #16 // How we find and maintain inspiration in the kitchen

A sample of Betsy's food inspiration — a beautiful plum cake | nourishandflourish.com

We’ve spent a fair amount of time on the podcast talking about food — our personal food philosophies, how our health has been transformed through food, the pros and cons of local food, and even our favorite guilty pleasures. One area we hadn’t focused on until today, is where we find and maintain inspiration in the kitchen.

We start the conversation with stories around when we first got comfortable with cooking and being in the kitchen. We then touch on our current habits, from menu planning to food prep in order to get delicious meals on our respective tables. And because no one is immune to food ruts, we also spend a fair amount of time talking about where we find our mojo again.

In typical N+F fashion, we come from completely different backgrounds and eating styles, and yet, we have similar tools and techniques that we draw upon when it comes to food.

What about you?

What are your favorite resources? Where do you find inspiration around food? What gets you excited about being in the kitchen or eating in general? And if you’re not super into cooking, what have you been wanting to sample and what gets you excited to try something new?

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • How we got comfortable in the kitchen
  • How our eating habits have shifted over the years
  • Menu planning, grocery lists, food shopping and how that works for us
  • Technique and ingredient-based cooking
  • Simplicity when it comes to ingredients and meal prep
  • Handling food slumps and getting bored with cooking
  • Staple recipes and what we cook most often
  • Our favorite resources — cookbooks, blogs, and tools

Resource Links:


I find so much joy in creating an entire meal from scratch. Click To Tweet Growing your own food elevates cooking and eating to a whole new level. Click To Tweet My reason for eating at home is that it’s tastier, safer, and I have more control. Click To Tweet Meal planning is something that has been an amazing tool and money saver. Click To Tweet I am someone who flourishes when there are parameters set around me. Click To Tweet I do better when I’m avoiding certain foods because I’m forced to be creative. Click To Tweet I don’t get bored with food, but I get tired of cooking. Click To Tweet I have such an aversion to leftovers. Click To Tweet Now that I work from home, life revolves around my kitchen. It requires so much more thought. Click To Tweet I love going grocery shopping. It's become the highlight of my week. Click To Tweet It feels really good to connect with my daughter over food. Click To Tweet Finishing touches are what turn eating at home nightly into something a little more special. Click To Tweet


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