EPISODE #28 // The power of female friendships and how to nurture them.

EP #28 // The power of female friendships and how to nurture them. | nourishandflourish.us

The transformative power of female friendships.

That’s what we’re spending time talking about today. The power of friendships — particularly with the women in our lives — and how they’ve taken shape in our lives. Whether those friendships began with a sister or through other channels, friendships give us the space to grow, evolve, and comfort us when we need it most.

Our conversation begins with the role friendship has played throughout our lives and ends with what we’re currently looking for or craving. It’s an honest discussion filled with struggles and insights. And it’s one we hope you enjoy.

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What role do female friendships play in your life? Do you have women that you can turn to for comfort and fun, or are you craving something deeper?


The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • What does friendship mean to us
  • Why are female friendships so difficult for us
  • Craving deep connections in our lives
  • What gets in the way of connecting and staying in touch
  • Friendship calendars and making friends as adults
  • Why female friendships are so important and worthy of pursuing
  • Are platonic (heterosexual) friendships even possible?
  • The divine feminine and how that plays a role with friendships
  • Relationships and the way they can replace the role of friendship
  • Pursuing friendships and how to bring more of them into your life
  • Friend soul mates
  • Nurturing friendships and how to show the women in your life that you care
  • How the online world has changed the face of friendship
  • Future topics to unpack around female friendships

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