EPISODE #36 // Give where you can, when you can. (A conversation with Sloane Davidson of Hello Neighbor)

We’re sitting down with Sloane Davidson — founder of Hello Neighbor and all around wonderful woman — to talk about getting involved in our communities and creating an impact in the world we live in. Whether you’ve been inspired by the current political climate to be more socially active or have always wanted to make a difference in your community, Sloane will inspire you to do what you can to inspire change.

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What has your philanthropic path been? Is there anything big or small that you’ve been wanting to devote your time, talents or treasures to?


The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Sloane Davidson and Hello Neighbor
  • Sloane’s path to social change
  • Giving where you can, when you can
  • Using tools like social media to build connections online and off
  • Clictivism and choosing how you share your time, talent, and treasure
  • Philanthropic goal setting
  • The power of starting small and building from there
  • Work-life fit versus work-life balance
  • Time is the greatest treasure we have
  • How refugee and immigrant status is a human issue and not a political one
  • Getting back to basics by supporting neighbors the people in your community
  • Refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDP), and the resettling process
  • Nourishment on a community level
  • What nourishment means to Sloane on a personal level

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