EPISODE #41 // When your whole life shifts at the drop of a hat

EPISODE #41 // When your whole life shifts at the drop of a hat

Emily is officially back from her month-long sabbatical and shares the ups and downs of what she experienced during her time off. Betsy also talks about what happened to her during this break and where she sees herself going in the upcoming months.

All in all, this episode is a doorway into what has been going on in our lives and hearts for the past month and where we are finding balance in the midst of this chaos.


The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • The ups and downs of Emily’s sabbatical
  • An unexpected surgery and recovery
  • Leaning into pauses — whether they are forced or intentional
  • The removal of distractions and how that supports healing
  • Outward transformations as a reflection of the internal ones
  • Betsy’s shift from introspection and processing to learning and studying everything she loves
  • Finding balance within exercise and physical movement
  • Honoring the body and giving it what it needs
  • Perspective as the result of what we’ve come up against in our lives
  • The bigger picture of recovery and change
  • Final thoughts on (and lessons learned through) Emily’s sabbatical


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