EPISODE #5 // What IS tarot and how can it help me? (With Leslie McAllister)

Leslie McAllister of Juju | Photo credit: Michael Fornataro of WHIRL

Have you ever wanted to learn more about tarot? We certainly did! So we enlisted the help of local card slinger and high-vibe boutique owner, Leslie McAllister of Juju to dive deeper into the topic. Leslie shared the basics of tarot, how she got into it, and how tarot helps people see what they need most.

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Have you ever dabbled in tarot? If so, what are your favorite decks and resources? And if not, what’s stopping you?

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The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • Leslie McAllister’s soul journey
  • Leslie’s family lineage with tarot
  • Tarot as spiritual therapy
  • The light and shadow side of tarot
  • The fear factor when it comes to tarot
  • Betsy’s experience working with Leslie
  • Leslie’s journey reading tarot
  • Leslie’s favorite tarot deck
  • Being a messenger and empath versus a clairvoyant or psychic
  • The power of crystals and stones
  • How to choose your first deck
  • Tarot versus oracle decks
  • Upcoming events at Juju

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I started listening to what it was that I really really needed. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet I found my first deck of tarot at age 12 and that's when I began to explore it. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet I always knew that there was magic in my family. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet Tarot is spiritual therapy. It's a way for me to help you gain clarity and confirmation about a… Click To Tweet My understanding of tarot comes from an incredibly positive place. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet Tarot allows people to unpack the suitcase of our inner workings and to really see what we have in… Click To Tweet I'm a messenger. I'm translating the cards from an unbiased point of view. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet Focusing on yourself and your own priorities can only help you get off on the right foot. Click To Tweet I'm a witch. That's what I am! — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet I can't see into your future, but I do believe that the cards show something and that's where our… Click To Tweet I work with the cards and they reveal to me what people need to know at that time. — Leslie… Click To Tweet We know everything we're supposed to do. Our ego just gets in the way of it. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet Those cards never let me down. And they always bring the messages that needs to be heard. — Leslie… Click To Tweet Nourishment is helping to heal others and strong beautiful relationships. — Leslie McAllister Click To Tweet


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Photo credit: Michael Fornataro for WHIRL Magazine

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