EPISODE #6 // Health and happiness one bite at a time.

EPISODE #6 // Health and happiness one bite at a time.

When we first came up with the idea for the Nourish + Flourish Podcast, food was top of mind. The way we eat has been a major catalyst in our own health journeys and is something we are both interested in speaking with others about.

In order to lay the groundwork for those future conversations, we thought it was important to share about our own evolution with food. We start from the beginning with the context of food in our family of origin and then work our way through stepping out on our own, how diet transformed our health for better or worse, and the kinds of foods we eat today.

While our experiences with food were (and are) vastly different, we have both come to a place of understanding that food is a powerful tool on our journey towards better health and happiness.

We’d love to hear from you!

What has your journey with food been like? How has your eating evolved as you’ve taken charge of what goes onto your plate and into your mouth? Are you in the process of making any big changes in the way you eat?

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The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • What we ate when we were growing up
  • How things changed when we became in charge of our food
  • How being diagnosed with cancer changed Betsy’s relationship with food
  • Our evolving relationship with food
  • Betsy’s journey to plant-based eating
  • The shift from food being fun and enjoyable to be problematic
  • Emily’s journey into vegetarianism
  • Living with food intolerances
  • The normalization of discomfort
  • Struggles inherent in making dietary changes

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I always felt like I came from a healthy eating background. Click To Tweet 

I remember wanting to have dinner parties as a teenager, but I was so damn picky with food. Click To Tweet 

Cooking was a source of comfort that brought me, and others, joy. Click To Tweet 

I don’t think I stepped into my own, cooking-wise, until I lived by myself. Click To Tweet

I get nostalgic about when cooking was just fun and didn’t have so many issues attached to it. Click To Tweet 

Growing up on the Standard American Diet feels like a secondary diagnosis of sorts. Click To Tweet

I was either going to treat food as a way to heal myself or go on with these issues forever. Click To Tweet 

Knowing what your diagnosis is, you can look back on your life and say, I get it. Click To Tweet

A friend said to me, what’s it going to take for you to try something else? Click To Tweet 

Food was the culprit for all of the health problems I had been experiencing. Click To Tweet 

I had to mourn the loss of the things I loved and also learn to operate within my new parameters. Click To Tweet 

Discomfort has been normalized, and it’s not always clear you can cure that with your diet. Click To Tweet 

Everyone’s body is different. Period. But the one thing that applies to all of us is that there’s no quick fix. Click To Tweet 

There's no pill that's going to fix all of your problems. Click To Tweet

Ignore the noise of what everybody’s telling you. Become your own detective and your own advocate. Click To Tweet 

In the long term, your body needs whole, quality foods to thrive forever. Click To Tweet 

It’s a curse and a blessing to be so in tune. I know better but I don’t always want to listen. Click To Tweet 

We’ve come to a similar place but with drastically different experiences. Click To Tweet 


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