EPISODE #8 // Are you on good terms with your body?

EPISODE #8 // Are you on good terms with your body?

Our body is with us wherever we go.

And yet, we don’t always feel comfortable living inside of them.

When we’re young, we view our bodies through the lens of exploration. Our bodies allow us to do the things we want to do — moving, playing, jumping, and chasing. As we get older, we begin to notice how our bodies function in relation to the world around us. We also begin to care about how others perceive us.

Somewhere along the way, we begin to hate our bodies and/or feel constrained by them.

We abuse our bodies. We nurture our bodies. We put on weight. We lose weight. We change our appearances. We struggle with our health. We heal. We get pregnant. Or we don’t (or can’t).  Throughout it all, our body stays with us; a constant companion in our lives.

Today, we’re talking about it all. From our very first memories of our bodies, through the ups and downs, and, ultimately, finding peace, acceptance, and even appreciation for this vessel in which we live.

The Episode: 


Topics Discussed:

  • Going from being a girl to becoming woman
  • When we first became aware of our bodies
  • The pre-teen + teenage years
  • Embracing own beauty and magic
  • Major moments of transformation around body and body images
  • Best version of self comes from the inside out
  • Memories versus pictures
  • The impact of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Learning to love our bodies
  • Fluidity with body and loving self
  • Living with cancer
  • The purpose of struggle
  • Embracing the current reality — good, bad, and ugly
  • Our current practices for nurturing positive body image

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My body was a tool, it was something that was strong and could do the things that I wanted to do. Click To Tweet It mattered so much what I looked like, more than anything else, and that was never the case before. Click To Tweet Everything that I enjoyed took on an extra edge of how do I look, or how do people perceive me? Click To Tweet I tried to force myself into what I wanted to be - ignoring what my body needed, which was love. Click To Tweet Life is going to hand you situations that change what you feel comfortable with. Click To Tweet I was such a defiant kid that I just didn’t care if someone didn’t like me. Click To Tweet My relationship with my body changed a lot when I was diagnosed with food sensitivities. Click To Tweet It took me a long time to realize that the best version of myself has to come from inside. Click To Tweet Don’t 'should' on yourself. Your journey is your journey. Click To Tweet Acceptance of exactly where you are – positive and negative — will help you get through it. Click To Tweet It’s a matter of continuing to peel the layers away and realizing there’s more work to do. Click To Tweet What really matters: a picture where you like how you looked or a memory of being proud of yourself? Click To Tweet By the time I got pregnant I was in a beautiful space of accepting whatever came my way. Click To Tweet It took a long time to get back into a place where my body felt like mine. Click To Tweet It’s a new thing for me – nurturing my body from the inside out. Click To Tweet There experiences that help to stretch us outside of our comfort zone so we can learn. Click To Tweet We need these really difficult situations in our lives because they help us see the light. Click To Tweet There’s power in the experiences I’ve been up against and the things I’ve had to work through. Click To Tweet I wouldn't have penetrated the deepest depths of myself if I wasn’t dealing with cancer. Click To Tweet I think of my body as a long-term investment over a short one these days. Click To Tweet The best gift I’ve given my body is listening to what it needs; being proactive versus reactive. Click To Tweet


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