EPISODE #9 // Can meditation really make that much of a difference?

Episode #8 // Can meditation really make that much of a difference?

Meditation can be an incredibly powerful tool.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, feel more focused, or become more in tune with yourself, meditation can support you along the way. The only hitch? You have to create the space for it in your life.

In today’s episode, we talk about how meditation came into our lives, when we began to take it seriously, and how it has helped to transform our lives (and health). We also talk about the styles we gravitate towards and touch on the ever-present question of “how do you know if you’re doing it right?!

We’d love to know!

Do you meditate?

If so, what shape does it take in your life?

If not, what would need to happen for you to try it on?


The Episode: 


Topics Discussed:

  • When we first became aware of meditation
  • How we define meditation
  • Using meditation as a tool
  • “Proper” forms of meditating
  • Working through discomfort
  • Harnessing the pause button
  • Trusting the process
  • The power of setting intentions
  • Carving out the time to meditate
  • Meditation can be whatever you need it to be
  • How to know if you’re doing it right

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Meditation, to me, has always just been a space and time to tune in. Click To Tweet I think of meditation as tuning in and creating space. Click To Tweet I don’t believe there's one right way to meditate. It’s different for everybody. Click To Tweet I approach a lot of things nowadays as meditation. It’s a way to get into a calm state of mind. Click To Tweet I love knowing there are many ways to meditate because I often need something specific to focus on. Click To Tweet My logical brain could not understand meditation when I was younger, which I’m a little mad about. Click To Tweet Meditation was a tool for me to start processing my food sensitivities when I felt so broken. Click To Tweet For a long time I was scared of being alone in my head with my thoughts, so I avoided meditation. Click To Tweet Pratyahara can be very confronting because it’s dark, and you realize… it’s just me in here. Click To Tweet I finally feel like my mind is a place I can go to relax. I have harnessed a personal pause button. Click To Tweet I’m all about setting a positive tone for the day, so I gravitate towards a morning meditation. Click To Tweet If you feel different as a result, it's working. #meditation Click To Tweet Meditation is like exercise. It's training the muscle and getting you to shift ingrained patterns. Click To Tweet The more you practice it, the more benefit you're going to see. #meditation Click To Tweet


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