EPISODE #3 // Movement Vs. Exercise and How To Stay Motivated

A badass yoga pose.

It’s January, and that means resolutions and goals are at the top of everyone’s minds. Particularly when it comes to exercise and moving our bodies more.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about movement, motivation, and benchmarks for success. Through it all, we’re both looking to make movement a priority in our lives so that we can take care of our bodies, minds, and overall health.

We’d also love to hear from you! What does movement (and exercise) mean to you and what are your benchmarks for success? Do you measure success outside of weight loss or body measurements? If so, how? And what do you to stay motivated when things get difficult (or busy)?

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The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • Movement versus exercise
  • Movement as a self-care practice
  • Adjusting to new bodies, post pregnancy and surgery
  • Personal goals around movement and health
  • Why we’ve both chosen to embark on a regular yoga practice
  • The power of benchmarks when it comes to making changes
  • How we find motivation during the low times
  • Staying accountable, regardless of whether you do it alone or have a partner to help you
  • Yin Yoga and the fountain of youth
  • The importance of diversity in movement
  • Seasonality in movement
  • Measuring success outside of weight loss/physicalities

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Movement is a passive, casual, integrated practice. It’s a given, not a daily hurdle. — B. Brockett Click To Tweet This year is all about flow, abundance, and joy. — @emilylevenson Click To Tweet When you don’t have your health, what else really matters? — Betsy Brockett Click To Tweet I have to think every day that I’m giving a gift to my future self. — Betsy Brockett Click To Tweet You’re never going to regret spending 30 minutes doing yoga. — Betsy Brockettt Click To Tweet If you do anything to the extreme, it gets boring. Your body craves spontaneity. — @emilylevenson Click To Tweet


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