EPISODE #21 // How do you know if patience is a virtue in your life?

EPISODE #21 // How do you know if patience is a virtue in your life?

Patience is a virtue.

Or so we’ve all been told.

But how often do we actually sit back and think about the role patience plays in our lives or how we cultivate more of it? If you’re anything like us, the answer is probably never.

Today’s conversation focuses on how patience shows up in our lives, how we react when things are happening in the time frame that we want them to, and also the idea of teaching others to cultivate patience in their own lives.

We want to hear from you!

Are you a patient person or an impatient person? What could you do to practice and/or cultivate patience in your life?

What could you do to practice and/or cultivate patience in your life?

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • Why we chose the topic of patience
  • Teaching and practicing patience
  • When are most patient or tolerant
  • When we’ve totally lost our shit
  • Slowing down and taking the time to look around
  • Patience and meditation
  • Flexing your patience muscle
  • Slowing down time and how that impacts the way we experience the world
  • Cultivating more patience in our own lives

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I am a reformed, extremely impatient-at-heart person. Click To Tweet Patience in social situations is not a problem for me, but creative patience is. Click To Tweet With a 3-year-old you have to be patient and tolerant, or you’ll lose your mind. Click To Tweet Patience isn’t this virtuous quality, it’s something we all have to practice. Click To Tweet Sometimes I worry that people think of me as a flake or scattered because I’m not patient enough. Click To Tweet I’m still honing in on where I want the filtered, creative output of myself, and who I am, to land. Click To Tweet I am finding the balance between tiptoeing and not diving straight into the deep end. Click To Tweet It feels really against my character to sit back and wait. Click To Tweet Watching children grow up, you realize how quickly things happen. Click To Tweet I wish I could be unaware of time. Or maybe channel the way I used to view it as a kid. Click To Tweet You anchor your days differently as you get older, and that changes the experience of time. Click To Tweet I'm always more patient when I can embody a sense of wonder about the world around me. Click To Tweet Impatience shows up when I’m excited about something. Click To Tweet Maybe patience boils down to savoring the space that you’re in. Click To Tweet

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