EPISODE #14 // What does self-care look like for you?

What does self-care look like for you ? | nourishandflourish.us

When Emily and her daughter caught a nasty virus, her regular self-care practices fell to the wayside. Yoga and meditation were seen as expendable, and healthy eating was just too exhausting to even contemplate. Problem is, those were the very practices that were keeping her feeling more balanced and healthy.

Once the dust settled and the sickness lifted, Betsy began to ask questions around what Emily was doing to take care of herself and her daughter, and what, if anything, she was doing to get better.

Of course, those questions prompted further discussions and a whole lot of self-reflection. AND, it prompted us to want to talk more about the in’s and out’s of self-care, particularly when something like an illness or surgery comes in and throws everything off track.

What about you?

What do you have in place in your own life to support you and help you feel better? How does being sick (or tired, or in recovery mode) change how you take care of yourself?

Also, are there things you’ve wanted to try but have either been afraid of it or pushed it off to the side?


The Episode: 


Topics Discussed:

  • General feelings around self-care
  • Is self-care selfish?
  • Taking care of our bodies
  • The mental side of self-care
  • Introversion, extroversion, and the power of being alone
  • Creativity and play
  • When things throw a wrench in our self-care routines
  • Recovering from illness or trauma
  • Intuition and self-care

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When we invest time into ourselves we are really nurturing our own happiness. Click To Tweet

I don’t want to feel guilty for taking care of myself. Click To Tweet

For me, food is an act of self-love. Taking care of my body is an act of self-love. Click To Tweet

Food is my life force, and I try to maintain as close a connection to it as possible. Click To Tweet

I always feel better when I go for a walk or surround myself with beautiful flowers. Click To Tweet

I linger on moisturizing these days — it’s a nice little moment of self-care. Click To Tweet 

Being open-minded to trying new things could be a game changer for you. Click To Tweet

I think I spend so much time on the mental side of self-care that I forget other areas exist. Click To Tweet

I've really begun to cherish just being alone. Click To Tweet

I used to be a classic extrovert, now I’m more of an ambivert. Click To Tweet 

Time is ticking, so why waste it on people who aren't contributing in a positive way to your life. Click To Tweet

Turning 30 was a big shift; a moment of closing a chapter and evaluating how I want to move through the next decade. Click To Tweet

I like to be able to bring things to conversations that are unique, personal experiences. Click To Tweet

Meditation is always a huge facet of self-care, as well as journaling. Click To Tweet

Pulling tarot cards has become a way for me to process things and spark inspiration. Click To Tweet

It’s okay to struggle because when you do, you start to see where you need a little extra support. Click To Tweet

When I couldn't do anything but lay on the couch, my self-care simply became about coziness. Click To Tweet I knew I wanted to do better, I just didn't know how to do it. Click To Tweet

Setbacks are important. It’s important to know what’s working and what’s not. Click To Tweet

Self-reflection is huge – turning that lens around and being honest with yourself about habits, self-sabotage, and more. Click To Tweet

The end result is always the same: wanting to feel more complete and more whole. Click To Tweet


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