EPISODE #38 // Learning how to embrace your dark side.

Episode #38 // Learning how to embrace your dark side

Today’s episode is all about our shadow self, or the dark parts of ourselves that we’d rather not acknowledge or shine a light on. Unfortunately, burying those qualities in the sand or turning away from our lesser liked qualities only makes them grow stronger and louder. So let’s take a walk on the dark side and embrace the less positive aspects of our selves.

Because the real question isn’t whether you have a dark side, it’s whether you acknowledge your dark side.

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What do you think about this concept of a shadow self? What qualities would you rather not expose to the light of day (or even tell other people about)? And how does that impact how you feel about yourself?


The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • Aspects of our selves that we don’t like — AKA our shadow selves
  • The downward spiral of being late
  • Staying present to the shadow aspects of ourselves
  • Addictive personalities and behaviors
  • Red flags and warning signs of when things are out of control
  • Impulsivity, regrets, and drama-filled living
  • Forgiveness and empathy for the parts of yourself that you don’t love
  • The gifts of discomfort and pain when creating change
  • Our connection to “things”
  • Clearly defined values and how that sets the tone
  • Using the shadow aspects as an indication that something is off
  • Curiosity versus judgment and reactivity


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