EPISODE #20 // Where in the world have we been?

EPISODE #20 // Where in the world have we been? | nourishandflourish.us

Where in the world have we been?! That’s right. What magical places have we traveled to and where do we want to go next? For Emily, traveling began at a young age with family trips to Mexico, Canada, and annual road trips to Florida to visit family. For Betsy, traveling came much later in her life and has been an opportunity to celebrate life and explore the world outside of the home (and town) she grew up in.

Now that we’re both older (and wiser?), our traveling whims have changed. But one thing is for sure, we both agree on what constitutes a vacation (relaxing, sleeping, eating) versus an actual trip (exploring, itineraries, work).

We want to hear from you!

What’s on your bucket list to visit?

Where do you have plans to go this summer or year?

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • How travel has found its way into our lives
  • The places we’ve been
  • What we’ve gained from traveling
  • Places on our bucket list to visit before we die
  • To Disney or not to Disney
  • Where we DON’T want to go back

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As a kid, I remember traveling and being exposed to a lot of different ideas and cultures. Click To Tweet Travel is an auditory thing for me, hearing all of those different sounds was fascinating. Click To Tweet When I met my husband and we set into our life and routine, I was craving setting down roots. Click To Tweet I didn't travel at all when I was younger. Click To Tweet When I got into college, I minored in art history and became fascinated with ancient cities. Click To Tweet I make it a point to go somewhere every year. Click To Tweet It's been fun to find new places to explore as a family versus just finding something new. Click To Tweet The best thing about traveling? Getting out of your bubble and being exposed to new things. Click To Tweet Every culture has its positives and negatives, including our own. Click To Tweet Now that I've hit 3 out of 4 corners of this country, it's so different everywhere. Click To Tweet I get really exhausted by travel. Click To Tweet We only go where can get a direct flight. Otherwise, it's a dealbreaker. Click To Tweet When we go on vacation, all I want to do is relax, read, eat, and sleep. Click To Tweet More often than not, I'm looking to disconnect when I travel. Click To Tweet I try to maintain a connection to my goals and values and things I know I need to feel good. Click To Tweet I love trips that are so precious and contained — that you create your own little world. Click To Tweet I'm more interested in exploring places in the U.S. right now. Click To Tweet I'm interested in going back to the places I loved and sharing that with my husband + daughter. Click To Tweet I'm a cruise advocate, but they also really mess me up. Click To Tweet I had a history of motion sickness as a kid. Every trip would end with puking my brains out. Click To Tweet It's always the actual traveling part that ruins it for me and not where I go. Click To Tweet I don't really travel in the summer because of the mini-farm situation we have going on. Click To Tweet I like to travel in the winter and springtime. Click To Tweet


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